Frightening Statistics About America

In my recent readings I came across the following statistics about America which I find frightening when you consider that they are regarded as THE leading world power:

“Giving: How Each of us Can Change the World”
(Bill Clinton, 2007)

  • In 2004, the US Department of Agriculture said that almost 12% of American households – 13.5 million – were unsure of their ability to feed themselves at some during the year and about 1/3 of them said that at least one family member went hungry at least some of the time
  • Until 2007, minimum wages had not been raised in a decade
  • With 5% of the world’s population and 21% of its economic output, Americans account for 25% of emissions

“Ben & Jerry’s Double-Dip: How to Run a Values Led Business and Make Money, Too”
(Ben & Jerry, 1997)

  • 2/3 of boys who reach the age of 15 in Harlem can expect to die in young or mid-adulthood – that is before they reach the age of 65 – due the physical effects of living in a subhuman environment
  • The growing gap between rich and poor makes US society the most unequalled of any industrialized nation
  • In 1980, 29.3 million Americans were living below the poverty level; in 1993, the number was up to 39.3 million. In 1996, the richest 1% of Americans owned 39% of the nation’s wealth (with assets averaging $2.3 million) while the bottom 90% owned just 29%

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