Cooks River Sustainability & Arts Festival

his annual event combines sustainable living, interactive arts, eco-friendly entertainment and diverse foods.

The environmental emphasis of the Cooks River Festival will include a range of workshops, displays and information in the Sustainable Water Showcase, an arts program that will allow visitors the opportunity to work with artists using sustainable material, RiverLife interpretive tours of the Cooks River, Global Warming – Global Warning multi-lingual short films project by students from the Saturday School of Community Languages, the Bug Biodiversity Show and more!

Sustainability workshops and presentations include: Water Sensitive Urban Design; Safe Greywater Reuse; Rainwater Harvesting; Go Solar; Natural Cleaning; Eco-choices: Reducing your Ecological Footprint; Growing Food in Garden Containers; Home Worm Farming; Permaculture Home Garden; and Backyard Biodiversity.

Where: Steel Park, Illawarra Road, Marrickville South, Sydney, NSW

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